Thursday, 14 July 2011

Give it some Stick!

Hello my beautiful people,

I have seen some beautiful make up applied but at the end of the day it turns out flat and smudged, this is especially so at events like concerts and festivals. The question I am most often asked is how I keep my make up perfect from application to removal.

 So today for my first ever post I thought I would give you some tips, tricks and examples:
Befor going out:

After mosh pit:
As you can see there is not much diffrentce after heavy sweating!

Tips and Tricks:

1.       Always wash you face with warm soapy water, this removes all the dirt and grease from your skin and helps the makeup get a firm hold.

2.       Moisturise at least an hour before you start to apply your makeup or the night before you go out. Dry skin can cause your make up to flake off or can create excess oil after your make up is applied.

3.       Use a good quality primer as a base, this creates you a smooth surface and also gives your foundation something to bind to.  

4.       Set your foundation but using a mineral powder over top. Now do remember that whilst foundation is really important, more dose NOT equal better, create a thin layer over your skin and then set. Foundation is used to even tones and help cover up blemishes, you should not be able to scrape in off with a spoon!

5.       Same go’s with liquid eyeliner. After applying liner take a small amount of eye shadow in the same colour and lightly dab over eyeliner whilst still a little tacky.  

6.       Lip liner is your friend!

7.       Always use 3x the amount of blusher then the colour you want it to be, when the blood visiles in your cheeks settle down your blush will not look so vibrant.

8.       Smudge and shade your eye shadow even if this means you have to re apply once or twice. This will help to really get that stick factor.

I hope you find at least one helpful trick, and rember hairspray is always helpful!

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